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NEPAND 2022-2023 open positions:

  • President-elect (must be a current BOD member or actively involved in NEPAND)

  • Treasurer-elect

  • Professional Education 

  • Professional Education-elect

  • Nominating Chair-elect


 Click here for more information on each position

 Click here for the ballot sheet if interested in filling an open position

NEPAND Policies and Procedures

Policy and Procedures

By Laws 2009

PA License

   Licensure Board: Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing

mentorship program.png

Do you want to mentor future dietitians? 

Are you looking for some guidance as a dietetic intern or student? 


NEPAND is seeking both mentors and mentees at this time. 


Benefits of being a mentor?   Click here to apply!

-> Have an affect on future dietitian career paths and practice

-> Create a relationship to reinforce your own knowledge

-> Enhance your Resume/CV

-> Improve your communication skills


Benefits of being a mentee?   Click here to apply!

-> Learn new skills and ideas

-> Career direction assistance

-> Builds confidence

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