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Maria Wolfel, MS RDN LDN


Past Presidents & Policies & Procedures

Micheline Orlowsky, MS RDN LDN

Emily Richters, MS RDN LDN

Jessica Bachman, Ph.D MPH RD

Margaret Brittain, RDN LDN


Emily Fasciana, MS RDN LDN


Eric Schley, RD LDN 


Nominating Chair

Emily Newhard, RDN LDN

Nominating Chair Elect

Professional Development Chair

Professional Development Chair-Elect

Legislative and Licensure Chair

Robin Skibber, RD LDN


Professional Ed Chair-Elect




Membership Chair

David Frable

Public Relations Chair

Robin Skibber, RD LDN


Kris Danilovitz, MS RDN LDN CNSC

Career Guidance Chair and Job Referral Network

Fundraising and Events Chair

Web Site Coordinator

Katie Graham, MS RDN LDN

RD Student Liason

PA Academy Nominating Northeast

Emily Fasciana, MS RDN LDN

Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Delegate-Cenrral/ NEPAND

Shawnee Kelly, MS, RDN LDN FAND

PAND PAC Chair Elect

Maren Callahan, RDN LDN



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