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NEPAND Virtual Fall Education Series


Wednesdays in November @ 12pm EST


November 4th:  Navigating the Path of Wellness with Mindfulness

 presented by Lisa Wolk RDN LDN, Certified Mindful Eating/Behavior Trainer 

*Develop an understanding of mindfulness and mind/body practices and how to apply this knowledge in your practice and in your daily life.

(90 minutes- 1.5 CEUs)


November 11th:  The What, Where and Why We Eat

 presented by Janet Greenfield RN  

*Understand the non-biological reasons we eat, the associated habits, and how to mitigate against them to create permanent behavior change.

(60 minutes- 1 CEU)


November 18th:  Improving Overall Health with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

 presented by Erin Kilduff MSPAS, PAC   

*Expand your understanding of the inflammatory process, the role of microbiome, diet modifications and its role in improving certain medical conditions.

(60 minutes- 1 CEU)


This 3 part series is $40 member/$55 for non-member/$30 retired/student

Individual Sessions are $15 member/$20 non-member/$12 retired/student


These Zoom Sessions will be recorded and will be available for all registrants. 


 Fill out the registration form through this link

and pay via PayPal links below.

                                               Member- 3 part series ($40)                 





                                          Non-member- 3 part series ($55)

                                      Student/Retired- 3 part series ($30)         



                                        Member- Individual Session ($15)



                                   Non-Member- Individual Session ($20)       


                                Student/Retired- Individual Session ($12)

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