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Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Awards  (PA Academy list).
Listed below are the NEPAND Academy Winners!

NEPAND Academy Members


Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year

1990 - Arlene C. Feleccia, RD

1991 - Maria R. Andrews, RD and Mary R. Ehret, RD

1995 - Mary Kelm, RD 

1999 - Tamie Frable, RD

2000 - Carol Kneier, RD

2001 - Stephanie Leap, RD

2006 - Jennifer Baumann, RD

2007 - Jennifer Grab, RD, LDN

2008 - April Rudat, MEd, RD, LDN

2009 - Amy Cartwright, MS, RD, LDN

2010 - Stacy Coolbaugh, MBA, RD, LDN

2011 - Joanne Christaldi, PhD, RD

2015 - Margaret Brittain, RD

2016 - Stefanie Smith, MS RD LDN

2017 - Emily Richters, MS RDN LDN

2020-  Maria Wolfel, MS, RDN, LDN​

Keystone Award

2017- Clancy Cash Harrison, RD


Outstanding Dietetic Educator Award

2017- Erin O'Hora, DHSc, RDN, LDN

2020- Jessica Bodzio, MS, RDN, LDN​

Emerging Dietetics Leader

2016- Jessica L. Bachman, PhD, MPH, RD

2020- Micheline Orlowsky, MS, RDN, LDN​

Outstanding Student Award

2006- Lisa Rinaldi, Marywood University; Dietetic Internship

2008- Catherine Butler, Marywood University; Coordinated Program

2009- Melissa Matsumara, Marywood University; Coordinated Program

2009- Lauren Ercole, Marywood University; Dietetic Internship

2010- Gina Consalvo, Marywood University; Coordinated Program

2015- Koran Watson, Marywood University; Dietetic Internship

2017- Stacie Smith, Marywood University; Coordinated Program


PADAF- Diversity Scholarship

Melissa Matsumara, Marywood University; Coordinated Program

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